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safety joint
product name:safety joint
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It is used for fracturing by layer, acidification by layer, testing stringother constructions.
Hydraulic Release
product name:Hydraulic Release
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It is used for fracturing, acidification, testing stringother constructions.
Hydraulic Anchor
product name:Hydraulic Anchor
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It’s used to anchor oil pipe. The ID of casing isΦ118~Φ12the temperature≤125℃.
Self-sealing Displacement Adjusting & Energy Storage Sealing Device
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It is composed of nut, sealing assembly, disc spring, gland, upper packing, stuffing box, lower packing, lower nut,connectorso on.
Retrievable Wash Sliding Sleeve
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It is mainly used for washing of oil wellwater well.
Bottom Ball Seat
product name:Bottom Ball Seat
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Ball seat. Good qualitylow cost, welcome to purchase!
Constant Pressure Sliding Sleeve
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The constant pressure sliding sleeve is the downhole tool used together with hydraulic packer.
Tubing Coupling
product name:Tubing Coupling
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Tubing coupling is one kind of drilling toolused to tubing connection.
Oil Drainage Device
product name:Oil Drainage Device
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Oil drainage device is mainly usedthe well which has tube type oil-well pump. When the pump is lifted out, drain the liquidcolumn above the pump.
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