Anti-partcial-wear results: 13
High Strength Anti-corrosion Sucker Rod Stem
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It is a new type sucker rod stem with anti-corrosionanti-friction. It reduces the lowering resistanceneutral pointimproves the force state of rod.
Self-rotating Centralizer Scraper
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It is a tool of scraping, descalinganti-eccentric that developed by our company. It is widely used for the well which is paraffinic, scalingeccentric wear. It not only scraps paraffinscalingthe inner of tube, but also has the function of centralizeranti-e
Casing Centralizer
product name:Casing Centralizer
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Casing centralizer is mainly used for centralizing of the well which needs 4〞casing because of the deformation of 51/2″casingsidetracking well.
Tubing Centralizer
product name:Tubing Centralizer
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Tubing centralizer is mainly used for oil pipe centralizingoil welldeflecting well.
Sucker Rod Coupling Eccentric Wear Prevention
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It is a new developed tool to prevent eccentric wear. Simple structure, convenient operation, long service lifelow cost.
Rotary wellhead
product name:Rotary wellhead
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It’s a kind of device with many advantages, such as simple structure, low cost, convenient operation,good effectso on.
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