Anticorrosion-paraffin results: 6
Oil Well Pump Scale Setting Device
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During the process of lowering pump, pump stringpump rod, this device is mainly used for prevent oil contaminationscale drop down, stop the dead oil or float sand enterpump that depositedfixed valve ball to burry or underlay the fixed valve ball so as to
Solid Anti-corrosion Device
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The oil well added medicine anticorrosion not only can protect the tubing, casingother down-hole device, but also can protect the tubing string, water injection stringwater injection device, which is operation measure of low cost, easily operationeffect q
Solid Anti-paraffin Device
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Solid anti-paraffin device is composed of metal loader, fine filter device, guiding devicesolid wax-proofing agent.
Sacrificed Anode Anti-corrosion Tube Short Joint
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It’s applied to tube anti-corrosionwater injection welloil well with high water content.
Solid Anti-scale Device
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It has the long-term effect of anti-scale, prevent scalesoluble scale.
Strong Magnetic Paraffin Control Device
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Strong magnetic paraffin control device is suitable for oil well with serious paraffin deposit.
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